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Ergonomics, is composed of Greek, ergon (natural laws) / nomoi (work) – the science of optimizing work based on our natural body positioning.

Posture is composed of Latin, pos (place or put) – how we position and compose our bodies.

At ergopose, we design products to naturally re-position our bodies while working, and thereby ergonomically improve posture.

It started with a bit of shoulder and back pain experienced on the regular, from a combination of sitting hunched over books and typing at ill-conceived angles at library or Starbucks tables in school.

By way of introduction, I’m Komal, and I founded ergopose on a mission to break traditional office barriers, increase efficiency (not hours worked…unless happy hours count?), and help people look and feel better by improving posture.

For me, posture strikes a particular nerve (get it? Sort of?). I’ve studied for a long time – about 8 years of studying after high school. Which isn’t to say it’s not a privilege, because it certainly is, but it means a lot of books, desk time, and as time has gone on, more screen time.

As I studied for law school exams, the toll really started to hit, despite the addition of a mouse and makeshift laptop stand to my study setup.

Nevertheless, I would come home from the library feeling like something tied one of my back muscles into a knot and left it there, causing indescribable pain. Stretching or massaging seemed to help sometimes – other times though, it worsened the pain. Then, during the bar exam, the pain really set in, where I had nothing on the horizon but hours on end spent pouring over books and my computer. And then I had to retake the bar exam.

For the months in between sitting for the bar exam both times, I clerked at an office where some folks had these new-fangled standing desks – the desk envy was so real, I can’t even. After seeing those desks, throughout the studying and working that ensued, I tried to mitigate the pain along the way in some strange ways.[insert binder and laptop pic] While I would have loved to get the whole setup of a standing desk – but of course, that was cost-prohibitive with three degrees’ worth of student loans. Plus, ‘ergonomic’ brands on the whole, while commendable in their quality and product, didn’t quite fill the niche I was looking for.

So after crunching through the bar and wondering if I passed for a few months (I did), I sought to help others prevent the same pain points I had after years of study and work by creating an affordable way to activate a workspace and alleviate pain.

I worked to create approachable and affordable posture-focused, human-centric furniture – products that don’t leave you feeling like you were buying another holier-than-thou health product; and that transcend the traditional furniture industry.

This is my ergopose story; I can’t wait to hear your stories.

Get in touch below; we’d love to see how we can help you feel and look better, while still getting (even more) shit done.

-Komal Jain, Founder


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