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stand, sit, or dance. energize and activate your day with an adjustable desk, all while getting more done in less time.

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Try an Ergopose stand up office desk instead to help you live better, alleviate back pain, and activate your workstation

We already know sedentary lifestyles are no fun and slouching is even worse. Energize your day with an adjustable standing desk. Standing desks help break up the monotony and allow you to sit or stand – and stretch your legs throughout the day all without having to leave the computer. Even a couple hours of standing at your active workstation a day can dramatically improve your work life and provide numerous health benefits, not to mention help burn calories, lose weight, and get activity in where it was not possible before.

Ergopose standing desks can be used to sit or stand throughout the day. With an Ergopose desk, you won’t have to leave your work when you feel tired or just need to stretch your legs. Instead at the push of a button you can adjust your desk to picture perfect posture height and get up at your desk. The entire desk will move up with you – no need to bend down to get your papers or phone.

Featuring an anti-collision braking system and quiet lifting power, our desks are safe for all work environments, and disrupt the sitting, not the work. Get more done in less time, all while doing your body a favor, and without breaking the bank. Ergopose desks are cheaper standing desks than most, without sacrificing the quality and features.

Ergopose sit-or-stand desks are the easiest way to incorporate activity into your work life. Health benefits aside, Ergopose workstations are clean and beautiful yet sturdy and help us stay focused on the important stuff at work.

It’s about time office spaces changed. Ergopose has designed the simplest possible office of the future. Happier people mean better companies, and better companies mean more progress.

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